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4 min readFeb 25, 2022

The second law of thermodynamics says that in our Universe, uncertainty and disorder can only increase and can never decrease.

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Simply put, the second law of thermodynamics says that in our Universe, uncertainty and disorder can only increase and can never decrease.

In everyday life, this explains why you have no idea what the future holds for you, and the most random experiences can re-route your future in an instant.

The greatest achievement of the human mind

The second law of thermodynamics is such a breathtakingly concentrated insight. It is the greatest insight and the greatest achievement of the human mind.

If there is any single testable truth that explains the physical world around us, then this is it.

Uncertainty and disorder

The second law explains the origins of reality generated at the moment of the big bang and how the element called hydrogen, which emerged from it, formed into stars to randomly generate the heavier elements through nuclear fission, and how life is sustained here on earth.

Moreover, the second law reveals one universal truth and here it is — every thing dies. This might be the only absolute truth in the Universe. Plants and animals die and decay. Stars explode and grow dark. Planets crumble or burn up. Black holes radiate away. Atoms decay into lighter elements. Protons disintegrate. Even light itself eventually decays away.

Include this verifiable truth in your personal outlook

Make this truth part of your personal belief system.

I’ll even go so far as to say that if there is one personal belief that will provide you with structure, security, and protection in this physical world (what we call reality), it is this astounding insight.

If you learn more about it and immerse yourself in it, your ability to heal yourself and others will be unshakeable.

There is no sign-up fee and no loyalty is demanded

In contrast to other cultural, political, and religious beliefs, a belief in the second law of thermodynamics costs you nothing and does not require your loyalty.

It simply is.

There is no other philosophical belief that comes close to a belief in this verifiable truth.

According to this law, there is life after death, but not the “Me” or personal life — there is infinite life in the recycling of the building blocks that make life, and that made you.

We, each one of us is randomness incarnate

According to this law, there is no pre-ordained meaning behind the Universe, and no point to its existence.

Of the 100 million sperm, only one fertilized the egg that came to make you.

There are infinite possibilities as to why you came to exist, and there are infinite number of things for you to do while you are figuring that out.

The probability that you came to exist in this here-and-now is testament to the power of this uncertainty, the power of possibility.

Embrace this uncertainty and gain immense power

You, all life and the entire Universe are a product of this uncertainty. Uncertainty is the one true reality.

There are some things you can’t avoid, such as school and taxes, but other than that, you’re pretty much free to do whatever you want.

Your own purpose can be whatever you want it to be.

Never stop being curious and open to new experiences

Your life is random and transient.

A chance meeting leads you to your profession and the places you visit.

That same randomness decides the people you meet including your partner.

The irony is that you may regard this randomness as a stone in your shoe never knowing when it is going to pop up, when in reality, embracing and surfing this wave of randomness is what makes your life what it is.

Fortune favours the brave

You have no idea what the future holds for you, and even the most random events can re-route your future in an instant.

Regardless of what organisations and institutions, including religions, try to tell you, the Universe is meaningless.

Only by taking your courage in your hands and truly and deeply understanding this truth will you be able to accept or reject the meaning imprinted on you as a child by language, culture, and creed. These are the rules that are meant to be broken.

How to become truly free and gain immense power

When you realise that your life, all life, and indeed the entire Universe is pointless, a subtle shift occurs in your mind.

You are truly free to create your own meaning, and there can be no judgment.

When you realise that every thing, including youth, love, and life, will end — that is what makes every thing valuable.



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Professor Billy O'Connor. Neuroscientist. Medical Educator. University of Limerick Graduate Medical School